Warning: these pages, and all the other pages, have LOTS OF LIES!! But don't worry about it, it's still _safe_ for you to read this page, because you can always refer any questions you might have to any politician or talk show host or ANY OTHER PUBLIC FIGURE because they will always tell you what's true on here. But remember, almost everything on here is a lie, in fact, probably everything, no wait a minute, the other day somebody claimed they found something that really was true and we are searching diligently to find that and remove it as soon as possible. The only other thing that you need to keep in mind while reading this information is that the INTERNATIONAL INTERNET COMMISSION FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND CLEAN UNDERWAER has issued their highest irrevocable endorsement of this site because we clearly state right here on the front page DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE and you know those guys are always right. By the way don't miss our minute-by-minute updates, no multinational corporations or government agencies are monitoring who visits this website and adding those names to their secret list BAD PEOPLE, so you don't have to worry about that either. AND of course no political extremists ever put out contracts to international Internet thugs, criminals, or low life's to attempt to mess up this site because they found it just too embarrassing.

Also ya gotta figure that everything on here EVEN THOUGHT IT IS PROBABLY A LIE it is still presented as if it was completely and totally TRUE but don't think about why somebody might bother with writing such a mess of meaningless drivel, much less the persiflage, calumny, innuendo, and that brings up an important point here: you may notice a few words that actually have more than two syllables, generally not spelled correctly and according to PEOPLE WHO SHOULD KNOW not used correctly either. So if you see a word that you don't understand, do not look it up, just skip over it, the whole thing makes all the sense in the world that way.

Which brings us to another scurrilous charge that is completely untrue: the satire issue. Nobody who contributes ( and their names are LEGION ) to this would ever engage in the use of satire or irony or any other literary device for the purpose of emphasis or for any other reason. Also, as mentioned earlier, some people seem to think that these pages, and all the other pages, have LOTS OF LIES!! Nerdish nattering nabobs.

So anyways, just call your favorite talk show host or used car salesman and they will tell you how it REALLY is, they have all been here repeatedly and we've discussed every item exhaustively. Now, the secret you have all been waiting for: chickens have no lips. Chickens have beaks, not lips. Sure, the implications are staggering, but your duty as a citizen compells you to take this shocking revelation into account in all your efforts.